Goodbye Sidney!


A visit to a bookstore is generally a good idea. I say generally because I started reading the book on Black Swan written by Nassim Nicholas Taleb and it has distracted me from some serious work. Taleb has an interesting theory as to attributing everything to the chance. Well one cannot argue much with such theories but the question that I could not resist is, so what? 

In the world of complexity,there are obviously several


many variables. However, as a physicist I think of understanding the universe in much complex phenomena into simple elegant natural principles. Obviously understand such complexity with some physical principle gives us predicitive power. 

Where I agree with Taleb is the black swan idea is as good when it applies to human domains such as stock market, wars and climate.  David Hume called it problem of induction.  However, using history as a guide I can confidently say that the seeming nonlinear randomness there is a more fundamental principle that governs the nature of the universe.

I have been slightly occupied with some stuffs. Hence, I was not able to post as frequently as I would have liked. In the week(s) to follow I will discuss some of the  important problems in high energy theoretical physics and cosmology. Also, I will try to give a skinny on attempts by people to answer these fundamental questions. Although, I have never seen the original painting, I am really fond of this painting of Rembrandt. This is me in the last few days, although I am much younger than the handsome thoughtful man in the painting.

Rembrandt, Philosopher Meditating

I am experimenting with themes and this one looks clean and clear. Suggestions are welcome.

Ludwig Wittgenstein

Let me start my first post by commenting on the topic which I used to be interested when I was younger. As I got older my interest in Wittgenstein has sort of faded away as I look to understand questions that I find much interesting (more on that later).

 Wittgenstein felt that all the problems in philosophy can be solved by thinking about language. I dearly wish this is  true(although I dont have any overwhelming proof to this claim) . I feel that most problems in science will one day be understood with the help of mathematics (or more generally logic and reason).

Sveccha in sanskrit roughly means freewill. This is where I comment on everything I am interested in from fundamental physics, mathematics, philosophy to evolutionary biology.